Cultural Program

Follow-up event: Excursion to Tolkuse bog

Bogs have had and still retain an important role in Estonian lifeworld and culture, and there are many of them the enjoyment of which in their primeval, virgin state has been made comfortable and sustainable due to boardwalks. One of those is the Tolkuse bog near Häädemeeste, 34 km south of Pärnu, where we invite you for a walk on Sunday, 24 April. The bus departs in Pärnu at 9 AM, brings us back to Pärnu at around noon for lunch and continues to the excursion to Tartu.

There are solid boardwalks in the bog, however, comfortable shoes and clothing appropriate for a forest walk are recommendable.

Please do registration to the bog excursion on the conference registration form (link will be posted shortly).

Information about Tolkuse bog.

Follow-up event: Excursion to Tartu

On Sunday after the bog excursion and having lunch in Pärnu we are departing to Tartu by an organized coach.

After getting to Tartu on Sunday afternoon we will have a short walk around the city centre to introduce you to some of the historical buildings of the University of Tartu, Toome Hill and some of the other sights of major importance in the area. Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to get to know Tartu on your own. Take a a little glimpse of what to do and see in Tartu.

Other options

However, those who are not interested in coming to Tartu with us, or prefer a different trip schedule or a destination can get from Pärnu to Tartu, Tallinn or Riga by coach (from Tartu to Tallinn also by train). Those who want to go to Tartu independently on Saturday evening or Sunday morning are welcome to join us for a common walk on Sunday afternoon. If you are planning to come to Tartu after the bog excursion, it is probably a good idea to book the flight back for no earlier than Monday 25th or even later if you are interested in spending some more time in Tartu, Tallinn, Riga or Helsinki – depending on your travel route – after the conference. The medieval old towns of Tallinn and Riga are definitely worth the visit. (See the travel guidelines for the transport between Pärnu, Tartu, Tallinn and Riga).

Please note that most coaches travelling to Riga and Tallinn stop at the airports (except the Pärnu-Tallinn route coaches); when going by the coaches that do not, you can get from a coach station to the airport by a bus or a taxi.

Note that you are advised to buy a coach ticket at least a day before your intended trip, especially for the coaches going on Sunday.